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this is the first chap of The little princess of Atlantis

it a taste of the story I was writing but never got to finish

Disclaimer: do not own (SG-1 or SGA)
by: Wendy and Karen(beta)
warnings: slash,etc

Part 1

Jack's POV

The little girl had followed McKay the whole time, from the minute the Couple of members of the Atlantis expedition that had decided to come to earth to reconnect with the planet had arrived.

Thor had helped with bringing them back from Atlantis through the 'gate and Carter’s attempt at an explanation didn't work out so well, so I just gave up. It was easier then listening to Carter and her scientific BS.

Anyway this little girl, she was around the age of three or four, was following McKay wherever he went. this would have seemed normal if McKay had at least complained and had made the little girl cry, but no, not one complain or snide remark, no screaming at her or anything. My first thought was that he was trying to impress Carter, to which I don't have the least problem with, after all I have myself a scientist already, but then Carter went home for a while and the disturbing phenomenon continued. I was at a loss until Major (now Colonel, but it's easier to call him Major) Sheppard arrived. Then the little girl started to follow *him* around, all the while sucking the thumb of her right hand, while in her left she carried a teddy bear that the Major had brought with him. What I found most interesting was that at the beginning, when I first saw her, I noticed the resemblance between her and McKay. The brown hair and blue eyes were my first clue. Then there was the glare, the glare which was totally McKay's, which she gave when somebody (I won't name any names) tried to remove her from the labs where McKay was. (And you *don't* want to know how McKay reacted, believe me.)

But when I saw her with Sheppard, I again could see a resemblance, but this time it was to *him*. The hair was always doing its own thing no matter how hard anybody tried to arrange it and then there was her skin coloring and the cute little pout or the "Trust me, I know what I'm doing" smile that Major Sheppard has when he wants something. I've seen it a couple of times. But what I noticed the most was that Major Sheppard, along with bringing the teddy bear, had also brought with him a jacket which was kid-sized and had both the US and Canadian flags on its left sleeve. And on the jacket there was some writing, a handmade patch actually, which explained everything to me...sort of.

Little Doctor Alesa McKay Sheppard.

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