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"The Last Promise" by Azar

Series Title: The Last Promise

Story Title(s): The Last Promise, The First Doubt

Spoilers: none, unless anyone hasn't seen the first three episodes of SG-1 *grin*

Keywords: het, alternate universe, character death

Pairing: Daniel/Sha're, moving towards Daniel/Sam

Rating: PG to PG-13, max

Summary: A dying Sha're extracts one last promise from her Dani'el--to find and bring home Skaara. AU starting with "Children of the Gods."

Author's notes: This is an AU exploring how the series might have gone differently if Sha're had died in "Children of the Gods." Not because I hate her or her relationship with Daniel, but because my Daniel/Sam 'shipper heart likes to believe the Jack/Sam thing wouldn't have happened if Daniel had been "available" right from the start. ;-) Unfortunately, the series has lagged somewhat and I doubt I'll ever finish it. Sequels should be AU versions of episodes, showing a very gradual blossoming of romance between Daniel and Sam--they shouldn't actually start seeing each other until sometime around "Pretense" or after, anything before that should be friendship with some building UST. Other than that, I'd like to explore the tension between Daniel and Teal'c and its slow shift to friendship--since Sha're wasn't able to tell Daniel to forgive him I imagine it took longer--and keep the pattern I've established with the titles (last, first, second, third, etc. in the title), but anything else is up for grabs. Hope that's not too specific. *blush* Of course, it may not matter since we might not have any other Daniel/Sam 'shippers on the community, but if so...can't wait to see what you come up with! :-)

The Last Promise

(Hope I did that right...if I forgot anything, let me know and I'll edit!)
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