SG Atlantis Light (sgatlantislight) wrote in sg_sequential,
SG Atlantis Light

Up and Running and Stuff

Okay, we've got a few members (19) showing up now. I expect with time, we'll get more. For now, welcome azarsuerte, burningchaos, shoemoney2night, dorcus, fairyglass, fancyfox, forcryinoutloud, innogen, jo_zed_pee_em, lonespark, missyvortexdv, murdocsangel, okelay, ozziebabe, sakuracorr, shiny_starlight, the_geeky_one, weasleysangel, and, of course, me-- sgatlantislight. We also have 9 folks just watching us, but not members, so welcome also to alison985, anascho, aquaangel, bakarti, jessifanfic, slm76, meredevachon, minaloush, and not_sally.

One point, I'm not on a whole lot of SG-1 boards, so this group didn't get pimped on that side of the fandom very heavily. Those of you who are, feel free to pimp out this comm. If nothing else, posting sequels in other relevant comms with something like "A sequel to so-and-so's 'ficnamehere' written for sg_sequential" in the headers would be cool. At least I know I sometimes check out comms mentioned in fic that I like.

We have one sequel being worked on. fairyglass is working on a sequel to azarsuerte's The Last Promise.

On another note, currently we have no icons or other graphics associated with this comm. If anyone has ideas for graphics, especially ones that imply sequels, I'm open to suggestions.

And, on a more personal note, I'm looking through what I've already written to see if I have things I wouldn't mind posting for sequelisation. Anyone that wants to, feel free to go to my post to give opinions.
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