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Stargate Sequential

Where you can scratch that sequel itch

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This community is for posting fanfic in the Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis universe with the intent of allowing another member to write a sequel.

Rules of the comm:

1) Please, use LJ cuts when posting long fic. Feel free to post a link to the story in your own personal journal rather than reposting the entire fic here.

2) Include spoiler warnings in the heading. Please, be specific! No "All of Season 2 that's been aired so far." (Aired where? In the US? Canada? Australia?)

3) Het, slash, kink, and gen fiction are all acceptable. Be sure to label this in the header, as well as the relationships and rating.

4) By posting to this comm, you are explicitly stating that the fiction is open to a sequel written by someone else, who may go unexpected places with the plot.

5) The original author chooses a series name. All sequels should include the series name in the header.

6) Anyone may lay a claim to write the sequel by commenting to the post in this community. Be aware that if the post is a link to the story, that commenting on the story in the author's personal journal does not count.

7) You may specify in an author's note things you want or don't want in a sequel. These should be general ("Please, don't pair Caldwell up with anyone. I can't handle it!" or "Please, no slash." or "Please, keep the rating PG or G.") not specific ("Please, write puddlejumper sex next").

8) Sequels must not: a) kill off characters, b) break up relationships from the original post, or c) bring in non-SG crossover characters without the original author's permission.

9) Sequels to sequels follow the same rules, except that the desires of both the original poster and the sequel poster(s) must all be honoured.

10) Real-people fic, blatant character bashing, and fics involving sex with minors aren't permitted.

11) In the event that two people erroneously write a sequel to the same post, all subsequent sequels will be labeled [Series Name] Thread1 and [Series Name] Thread2.

12) Please, tag your posts. All pairings (or threesomes or moresomes) will be tagged alphabetically by last name (if known). For example Rodney McKay and Sam Carter would be listed as Carter/McKay but Rodney McKay and John Sheppard would be listed as McKay/Sheppard. We realise with some D/s kink fic, this may be confusing. Please, avoid cutesy pairing names and initials-- not everyone knows what "Sparky" or "J/S" means.

13) We strongly encourage authors to use a beta.

14) Since this comm is open to any Stargate universe fiction, there will undoubtedly be fiction posted here that will not be to the taste of all readers. If a post is labeled slash and you do not like slash, please, just don't read it.

Have fun! And happy writing!