SG Atlantis Light (sgatlantislight) wrote in sg_sequential,
SG Atlantis Light

Hello, and Welcome

Welcome to Stargate Sequential. Hope everyone's excited about this idea. Please, be sure to check out the comm profile for a list of rules. There are a lot of them, but most of them are pretty commonsense.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask.

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Fun! : D
Yes! Well, at least I hope so.

I am planning to post a couple of my fic here, but thought I'd give it a day or two first.
What a great idea! What about WIPs that we think we're never going to finish--can we post those for other people to continue as well?

(Not that I have any of those yet in the Gateverse, but since I have a bunch of them in other past fandoms, I probably will eventually. ;-) )
Sure! Why not.
Great! One other question--can I just post links to my fanfic site for stories that I wrote a while ago instead of reposting them here or in my journal?
Sure! Hadn't really occurred to me, but this is fine.
This is an excellent idea!

What about if you have a story that you had planned on doing a sequel to, maybe even have the first chapter of said sequel up, but don't really feel like doing it anymore? Could you say, maybe take down the first chapter of the sequel, or maybe have people choose whether they wanted to do a completely new sequel or take off from what the first chapter implies?

Mmm... Not sure I'm quite following...

I think you're talking about a series, right? As in, you've got Story A and a follow-up to it, Story B. The question is, do you have to make Story A the story to sequel-ise or is it okay to link to/post both and let people write sequels to Story B? Am I reading right?

The answer is, it's fine for it to have been a short-ish series and allow people to follow up on the last part.

Let's take a real life example-- I have a fic called "The Entrepreneur" which has two sequels, "Two for the Price of One" and "Afterward" (plot-wise, of course, nothing happens in "Afterward" that isn't pretty much implied in "Two..." (since "Afterward" is just a smutty PWP) so they're basically a single sequel split into two sections). I've given some consideration to writing more sequels, but probably won't, so I'm mulling posting links to these three and some dos and don'ts for sequels and letting folks have at it. Sequels would, in essence, be sequels to Two/Afterward (though I don't have a problem with folks actually writing events that might have happened between The Entrepreneur and Two/Afterward if they'd so desire, so long as they don't violate what happens in the latter chapters).

Or, I could, as you suggested, allow people to do a sequel to Entrepreneur, ignoring the events in Two/Afterward. My trilogy of stories would be, oh, Cafe Atlantis Thread 1. Any Entrepreneur-only sequels to would be Cafe Atlantis Thread 2 (or 3 or 4).

Is that clear or have I just muddied the waters further?
You cleared it up for me, thanks.